…neue walzenbezüge von SchäferRolls für presswalzen und saugpresswalzen aus polyurethan

cyclus 3, der neue Polyurethanbezug von SchäferRolls für Press- und Saugpresswalzen, kann mehr.

…the brand new polyurethane cover for press rolls and suction press rolls made by SchäferRolls 

Find out what SchäferRolls’ new polyurethane cover for press and suction press rolls can do for you.

New polyurethane

Having developed an entirely new polyurethane material, and correspondingly a special cover design we are now able to significantly increase drilling and grooving depths of roll covers without weakening their structural resilience. We´ve invested everything we know in putting material components together and developing new ones. The results are clear for all to see: cyclus 3 polyurethane offers unparalleled mechanical, dynamic and chemical stability. By producing our materials on state-of-the-art machines and carefully monitoring and controlling each and every parameter, we keep reproducing the same excellent, uniform quality. Which certainly makes things worthwhile for you in the long term. Ultimate surface stability with minimum groove breakout. Uniform dewatering profiles. Less wear.

And up to 30% longer running times compared to conventional polyurethane materials.

Our core bonding system: 
A proven technology

Our core bonding system has already stood the test of time, having worked for years, without so much as a hint of trouble, in hundreds of press and suction press roll covers. Now it’s also in cyclus 3. It’s the result of years of experience – patiently and diligently working away at technological improvements. For us, the fact that it works goes without saying. As does the fact that since our polyurethane covers were introduced, not a single one has come loose.

optimised drilling pattern: cyclus 3

previous drilling pattern

Optimum distribution of blind drilling: more efficient dewatering paths combined with raised water storage volume

Creates optimum surfaces:  
The SchäferRolls SurfaceOptimizer

In order not to leave the shaping of roll cover surfaces to chance we have last but not least created the SchäferRolls SurfaceOptimizer, a computer simulation that makes it easier to design the surface of your roll cover and plan the dewatering performance of your complete press section. Precisely, and for the entire service lifecycle of each roll cover. Irregularities in the surface profile that could have a detrimental effect on paper quality are a thing of the past. No need to leave surface designs to chance.

Drilling depth up to 11 mm

same drilling depth across the whole width of the roll cover

Drilling depth up to 6.5/8.5 mm

reduced drilling depth at the roll ends

cyclus 3

Competitor cover

Uniform drilling depths for uniform hydraulic pressure and improved water storage volume

Drilling and groovin: 
More depth.

The base layer, interleafing and functional layers have been carefully fine-tuned. And the polyurethane materials are particularly stable. This makes it possible to blind drill cyclus 3 covers up to a depth of 11 mm. Our special production processes also make it possible to maintain the same blind drill depth across the whole width of the roll cover. The grooves on the cyclus 3 cover are also worth a second look, with groove depths of 3 mm possible, with a land width of 1.8 mm. This is how we achieve a higher water storage volume of up to 30%, and uniform hydraulic pressures in the roll nip – for more efficient dewatering of the paper web and a reduced risk of shadow marking. At the same time, this allows for more grinding allowance, for repeated regrooving.

cyclus 3. After the ninth run, it still has more water storage than others have after the fourth run.

All it comes down to:  

cyclus 3. Three lifecycles – that just about covers it all.
Because this is the main difference between cyclus 3 and other polyurethane press roll covers on the market: SchäferRolls cyclus 3 covers have three lifecycles. So they can be given a three millimetre groove three times. Allowing you to regroove your cover one more time. No need to replace it with a completely new one yet. In financial terms, three lifecycles can reduce your total cost of ownership by 50%.

There´s one key thing to remember: 
cyclus 3 is the cover for the 3rd groove.

cyclus 3: Video about analyzing the lifecycles

cyclus 3: Video about the optimised drilling pattern

cyclus 3: Video about higher water storage volume

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